Sunday, April 21, 2013

Garlic to Ward off Vampires!

Was mostly afk today, scramble study.  -o.o-  *nerdy ferret*

JosephDominic was promoted to Master today!  \(^.^)/  *ferret cartwheels* [and breaks her back!]

He went to Kielce Training Camp for the daily William quest, but ouch, there was so much onslaught, he passed out once or twice.  >.<;  Etienne died a lot too.  :<

Practiced Royal Guard at Circus again.  It's nice to do Circus with a friend in less than four minutes when under a time crunch.  I remember when two Elementalists were overkill.  Then it was two Grandies.  Two JDs are super sonic.  No mercy to Arsene and his troupe.  ~muah hahahaha!~

As JD says, "Get in my way, and die."
Looks like my JD slashed the wall in half.
Arsene didn't even get to call for Helena.
D'oh! I should have used Sword instead of GS...

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