Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Feather for Blessing

Attended Clan Raids to continue with Family Attribute quest.  Tried out a few different trios but at the end of the day, I feel most comfortable using JosephDominic and Alicia.  It has to be in that order, it doesn't work as well when I have them reversed.

Disaster of Stone Pit Area - Used duo Muskies, but for some reason I don't feel like I used to about my pew~pew~pews!  D:  Katia and Etienne are crying.  :<
Fury Farm - Heiran and Brunie
Fury Rafflesia - Heiran and Brunie
Fury Vergo - Heiran and Brunie
Fury Uraeus - JD and Ralph
Fury Griffon - JD and Grandies

Went to TP Rose with Heiran and Cathy Int, but here I also felt meh.  Suddenly it feels like I did a 180.  Used to use shooters and elementalists, now I feel rusty.  It doesn't help that I feel my bracelets are shotty.

Was going to keep the same team for TP Sautarelle, but just did not feel like bringing Cathy.  :\  I didn't care anymore if I got in trouble for bringing a non-magic character to TP (clan leader has a rule about bringing magic characters).  I. just. could. not. do. it.  >.<;

I went to Medusa with JD and Alicia.  It's been a long time!  She died quickly.

On a side note, it was hard to do Barrol quest with Asoka and Musk and Scout.

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