Thursday, May 30, 2013

Post #475: Strawberry Pocky

Sort of reaching the home stretch on those BH.  Orz  115/8 = 14 per day

  / o-o \

"The Horror" by Ferret

The project I started nine days ago completed today, much, much sooner than anticipated.  :O

Such excitement!
\(^.^)\  \(^.^)/  /(^.^)/
Worthy of Fireworks!

There's always something nice about fireworks for celebration.  My first fireworks in the game was back in 2011 on my birthday.  A friend told me to meet them in Reb.  They gave me a made Dragon Heart, which at the time was still very expensive.  And then went all out spamming fireworks!  :D

I don't have many things to celebrate in the game, but I decided to make it a tradition to do so on very special occasions.

~Ferret, out.

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