Saturday, May 25, 2013

Who's a knucklehead?

I am.  :<

Setting that thought aside, for now...

Spammed BH, but sadly it was to catch up to the loss of twelve points that could have gotten from the three new BHs.  500 still seems like a long ways off...  I think T3 should extend the event at least a week since it was messed up and I still didn't get the previous rewards.  I'm getting tired of playing a game that's broken...

No other news, just the daily grinding of leveling, BH, and CM.

Cadet is making decent progress (using Heaven or Hell, level 60 stance lol), though I forgot to get her LTDA buff.  It's a bit annoying that there is only a half hour window and only at a specific time when I can get this buff instead of any time like Blessing of Mercenary and Blessing of Ancients.

ramble ramble

la fin

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