Friday, June 21, 2013


Tried out the new Basement Passage raid.  The squad ended up skipping to the Ogre, as we lost our tank due to DC.  Our Lisa did the tanking.  :o  Prison raid used to be scary for me... this one tops it for being the new scary raid.  >.<

Also went to Garim raid, I think I got some Magic recipe but might have been from a different raid.  Have been busy coordinating mini squads and ToC/TP raids, I can't keep straight what I've done anymore.  It's not like me to organize things (because I feel like a pest, so I don't spam clan chat), but it's been nice that people get to the raid timely and the room never had to restart due to stragglers.  Mostly I like that the ToC squads aren't people who mad dash and trigger the boss early before the tank and WC get there, as it could mean mass death for all.

Another Garden screencap.

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