Monday, June 24, 2013

Post #500: Moonlight Sonata

I originally planned on writing a more thorough post, since maintenance is early and I can actually sit down and write more properly instead of questing, but some stress going on and can't spend time writing.  I will instead summarize.

Here I am at my 500th post, which is quite a feat in my opinion.  Last Wednesday (June 19th) I hit my third year.  I'm down to the last four character recruitments on the other account.  But sometimes I feel incomplete, I feel behind.

I know I am my harshest critic (not just in the game but all aspects of my life).  I'm not the best player (I don't consider myself good), I don't have the best gear (I have outdated gears), I try to learn as fast as I can, but sometimes I don't remember everything, I still miss things.

I try to do my best, but sometimes all I can give are my efforts to my friends and my clan.  I don't know and I'm not confident that my efforts are good enough for them.  When I feel like that, I start to wonder what I'm doing anymore, and it makes me sad.

This turned out to be an emo post...  It's been a long draining week (I'm talking literal seven days, I know the week has just started), going to turn in for the night.  Maybe I'll feel better about things in general in the morning.  Maybe.

Octavia, Delia, and Anastasia moon gazing

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