Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Riding the Midnight Train Around the Mountain (here she comes)

:o  Today I WC'd and Grace/Rio buffed at ToC.  Which was insane because the other laptop was laggy and probably not advisable to WC and buff people at the same time, but I think it went fairly smoothly.  The squad wasn't a mad dash squad and the dps was good-fast paced that I only needed to buff a few times and people were good about ressing my buffers when they got squashed by the Queen's minions.

Then I went and WC'd at TP Rose which is my second time WC'ing at a TP.  First time was at a TP Cortes during the first weeks of the server and we needed it for Beatrice quest.  Back then I didn't even have tank attributes set up... lots of deaths...  Today I only died at the Grim Reaper things.  :o

I always wanted to take a moment and "smell the roses" in Secret Garden, but usually it's unsafe because of those King Gehocos. I was able to find a safe spot today.  Some fancy music notes!

Tomorrow marks my third year in the game.  Last year this time I tagged Queen loot at ToC and was given 92e Baron weapons for my collection as my anniversary presents.  :D

I don't have any records of what my family level was at that time.  :<  This year I'm at Level 58 with 94 characters (70 Masters [14 High Masters] and 24 Experts)!

Some Favor Rate numbers for myself, should I make it to a fourth year...

Hunter June: 322
Crow Forest Gatekeeper: 101 (this needs work...)
Port Union: 2570
Merchant Union: 1898
Back Alley Poor: 4500 (500 to reach half way!!!)
Government General: 1790
Laboratory: 1657

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