Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ferret's Messanger

Since I've been doing those daily Devil's Dream hunts, here are my thoughts on them!

Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory
2 Corrupt Elminor ~ Has a one hour respawn timer, takes me about 18 minutes to kill, if someone kites, otherwise, he runs away!
7 King Fordoi ~ Roughly eight hour respawn, takes less than three minutes each to kill
7 King Vordoi ~ Same as King Fordoi

Lucifer, Secret Garden
30 King Gehocos ~ Can usually get them right at the entrance, 30 is quite a bit to kill though

Lucifer, Moonlight Garden
30 Gahbirus ~ Not too bad, but again, 30 is numerous
30 Corrupt Gimlet ~ These guys whip me sometimes!

Both Gardens
70 Hornets ~ These are the fastest to finish, provided they don't sting you to death first
50 Great Mandradora ~ The easiest to kill, though watch out for their puffs of poison, 50 can take awhile


  1. Where do you take the daily devil dream quest, and how many do you get per run? Thanks in advance =)

    1. Hi, to get the daily DD quest, talk to the Lonely Musketeer by the entrance of Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory. You get one a day.

  2. Thanks a lot for the help =)