Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Very Own Artifact

I haven't posted any "Goals" post lately because mostly it's been character quests and sub-quests which have long since been done, except still no Claude/Claire sub-quest???

Gears wise I think I need more Belts... and one more Incantation Ring.
I give up trying to get any new weapons because of this damned economy.
No resources to upgrade them even if I did.

Collections wise:
96e Trump Crossbow and LOE
Dragon Dagger, Polearm, and Shield
Kobold Axe, Sabre, Sword

I've given up collecting costumes because the new ones are too expensive and I also don't want to waste Feso to get them.  I also can't collect the old ones because it's a waste to spend vis getting Sewing Boxes from Bahia Room for the Costume Exchanger.  Just short eight.  :<

"Playing" goals:
Get the rest of my Experts to Master...  Twenty-one more to go.
The other account I'd like to finish collecting Elisa, Heiran, JD, and Kano Character Cards. + Grenmah + Tora
Has four more quest drops in ToC (Jellyfish, Hydro, Dark Gemini, and Queen).
Would like to level its Vets to Experts someday...

"Helping" goals:
Daily DD hunts :o
TP Rose for Crystals
ToC for chips

p( '.' )q

Restore 4
Satisfy 2
Exclusion 2
Redemption 0
Resurrection 3

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