Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Prickly Feeling

Spent the earlier part of my day doing the pre-quest to Olivia recruitment and then Olivia herself.  It took me five tries to finish the control Olivia part...  I didn't know what to do.  D:  The rifle mobs killed her if I didn't watch out.  I ended up dragging some mobs to a safer spot and kind of spacebar to conserve her SP for that fourth skill (Vortex something) for when rifle mobs came after her.  I killed the rifles first before going back to attacking the melee mobs.

After dealing with that, controlling Kaisse seemed like a joke.  It was too easy.  Just let his guards attack Olivia while you kill off her guards, but do so quickly because you want his guards to stick around to help kill her (they can die).  Then attack Olivia and run away when you see she's about to skill, rinse and repeat until she's dead.

I haven't created her yet, as I don't have a name for her and being frugal (I prefer to use this word instead of "cheap") and refraining from buying Barrack Slot until it's less than 4m.  :p

I haven't explored Bristia Scar map either.  It's very crowded because of the event and there's only one channel...

Today I got my second Evil Weapon, the Main-Gauche!  \(^.^)/
Have yet to chip it.  A project for another day...

One item of concern with this patch is that the patch notes make it sound like the Corrupt Elminor will only spawn every 24 hours...  Which will make Devil's Dream hunt bad if you get it and you get stuck on it for awhile if you're not around when it gets killed.  Orz  So. not. cool.  T.T

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