Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This Rat Shall Pass

JosephDominic graduated to High Master.  But... but... he reached 100% by killing the first boss in CM.  It's... it's... so LAME!!!  T.T  Alicia graduated by killing Medusa...  I mean... how cool is that?!  Oh, Joey... so... anticlimactic.

JosephDominic:  -.-  It is not my fault that you decided to take me to that raid knowing very well how close I was to completing my training.

:p~  Shush you!

One JD completed and another JD recruited.  ;3

Was in a ToC run, right when we warped in, I got an error message, I decided not to click on it and spent the full run praying I wouldn't crash.  I managed to survive, but the graphics were messed up.  Gray boss and lavender squad silhouettes.  :o

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