Sunday, June 22, 2014

Brood & Steer

A few things... 109 characters at level 135 100% gives Family 70 15%.
Taking a bit of break before vesping again.
All that hard work and now 109 x 5 levels...  x_x

 Trevor: Oh, please, someone like me can't be bothered to level with filth.

Expert Stances are still two Elemental Jewels.

My Armonia experience so far...
It's very beautiful and I actually turn on background music when I'm in there.

A lot of running around in the Cathedral!

But questing has been no fun.
The Earring of Cepheus, which our server has to deal with but others don't, drops like never.
The Abyss Bear is camped by a certain set of clans.

June 18th I stopped at the first round of 100 Bears and Wolfs.
June 19th I stopped at the Earring.
Now stuck.  Just Stuck.  No Sirius for me.  (; . ;)

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