Saturday, June 13, 2015

Race Against Time!

Six more days until June 19th, my five year anniversary of playing Granado Espada!

I don't think I'm going to be able to finish vesping the last two characters to High Master 10-100% and even less likely to reach Family 77.

There's no Bane on the MM for the past few days... and everyone on broad is selling at highway robbery prices...

Plus, I'm still missing Spy Olivia, Rosa, Snowflake Cherlyn, Selene, Rachel, Cutie Claire, Student President Ludin, Jane, Jin, and Snowflake Montoro.  :<

Here are the costumes I selected from the Charles Event:

I had 10 points left.  D:
If only I had stayed on 30 more hours!

Though, I don't know which hair I would picked: Soho, Heiran, Marchetti, or Mia.
I didn't really care for any of those, which is why I didn't choose them.

I have all the other costumes and hairs.

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