Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Haven't really been motivated or had too much to share or write about.
Not that it really matters if or when I post here, it's not like anyone reads this blog.

I read some old, old posts and four years ago I almost quit GE...
In June it will be six years for me...
I wonder if I will still be here that long...

Osiria (Empyreum Judith) joined the family two weeks ago.
Sirius was tongue tied while greeting her.

This trio looks so shiny.

I actually crafted this Artifact back in the middle of February.
I lack some materials and Essences for additional Artifacts.

Until next time, whenever that is...


  1. I do read your blog, while hiding behind anonymity :) I hope you still post occasionally

    1. Thanks for reading this blog! :O
      I will try, though the problem is not having anything to post about. :(
      Pretty sure people don't care to know how many hours I have AFK'd to reach Playtime Event points. XD

  2. I also read your blog! Don't worry there are more of us lurkers :D