Saturday, January 28, 2012

Castilla Tower of Chaos Quests (Tracker)

Eliminor of Chaos Grief Eye
12/2/2011 1st attempt

Elbeed of Chaos Slayer
Elnoogard of Chaos Slayer
Elminor of Chaos Slayer

Einschwer of Chaos Soul Stone
1/15/2012 4th attempt

Einwind of Chaos Slayer

Dominator of Chaos Claw
1/28/2012 2nd attempt

Dominator of Chaos Slayer

Tetrapod Red Magic Stone
2/19/12 3rd attempt

Tetrapod Slayer

Teslacoil Blue Magic Stone
2/13/12 2nd attempt

Teslacoil Slayer

Beholder Black Magic Stone
3/19/12 9th attempt

Beholder Slayer

Jellyfish Red Crystal of Chaos
4/13/15 6th attempt

Jellyfish Slayer
Hydrobomber Blue Crystal of Chaos
3/31/12 1st attempt

Hydrobomber Slayer

Darkgemini Black Crystal of Chaos
4/5/12 5th attempt

Lightgemini Slayer
Darkgemini Slayer

The Tower of Chaos questline was completed on 4/14/12 after twenty-three runs!  \(^.^)/

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