Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm so glad :)

Got a lot of things accomplished today!  \(^.^)/

Crafted: Magic Belt!  War Crescent (came out 2S)! War Prominence!
Contemplating crafting Serpent Main-Gauche, crazy huh?  It's the last one, less the 100e elemental bracers.
Also hoping for a Magic Leather Glove recipe to craft too.

Chipped: Resonance of Steel (second one)!  War Crescent!  War Prominence!  Elite La Emperador!
I have nine Elite Trumps now!

Socketed: Serpent Bayonet!  Whisper of the Forest!  Serpent Cannon!
Four more to go: War Prominence, Dragon's Fury Javelin, Dragon's Fang Hammer, Angel Knuckle

Crafting and Chipping luck made possible by the Blue Crane!

Was also gifted the Serpent Plate Costume!  Thank you very much!  :D
Now I'm up to date on costumes*!
*Excluding old Cash Shop costumes from before I started playing.

 /update OMG this blog hit 20,100 views!  Thank you readers!

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