Sunday, February 24, 2013

Catherine Expert Stance: Map Quest

Today is the fourth time I've gone through the Catherine Expert Stance quest...  I've never made any guide things because there are plenty of really good ones out there.  I used this guide for the Catherine Expert Stance quest.  The only confusing part was the one where you had to go to the hidden basement and kill mobs until you get three clues (one of them is rather redundent) to tell you which mob (Lloyd - bullets, Victor - fists, Sasha - lightening) and which warp location (north, south, east, west).  I went and marked up this map.  The mob and warp location never changed.  Hope this helps anyone who hasn't done it yet or going to be doing it again on another account.

And so!  After killing Clown Lloyds, Lady Sashas, Mighty Victor (easier to find now because less people camping in Annex and killing them unknowingly), and Octopus for the fourth time...  I beat up Cathy and need to beat her up two more times to get Brandish Arm.

The quest is called "Scold Catherine".

I originally set up Torsche, Musk, and Cathy INT, but you can't enter Catherine's room with any Catherines.  So I had to change it to Ania, Musk, and Emi.  I put my armors and weapons on them, except for the blunts which were not so great mod 92e Barons.  I was worried they wouldn't make it.  I used pink loli and mystic potion (used up the Princ potions during the map quest portion, Emi does not have ET).  They didn't make a dent on Cathy for the first fifteen seconds, but in the end, I managed to finish in a minute and a half.  *phew!*

For Cathy INT's Activator you have to answer five questions correct for three days.  If you answer any of the five questions wrong at any time you have to start over again.  I wrote down the answers to some of the questions, but I didn't write down the questions.  I made some guesses to what those questions might have been.

/edit Ash posted Questions & Answers here.

Red (Ludin's eye color)
El Ruina
Robo R 90 (Viki's toy)
7 (Strata)
Strange Dungeon
Raven (ranking)
Grandies (her name)
Ernesto (Viki's last name)
30 seconds (Thunder skill)
250 bars
5 people (Raven getting rejected)
Cresent Curse
12 parts
Metal Shell


  1. Thanks! Helped alot

  2. i tried like 3 times and still nothing... I mean if it says at the western and also bullets (lloyd) wich room it has to be exactly?

    1. oh forgot about "several passages" part

    2. That would have been J5. Lloyd and West (where the white X is for west).

    3. Thanks. Ill try again now