Monday, February 25, 2013

It's not the same

Feeling bummed from work, from home life, and the game.  Something is missing too.

Tris (the very first original musk, who's not Master level, poor guy) suggested going to the Farm.  I wasn't too keen on going because I still haven't forgiven the Farm for yielding low count (such as three!) regular vegetables from Great Seeds.  I had some regular seeds (Cabbage, Cabosse, Apple, Golden Egg Sorghum, Flour) from entering the Farm during Therapy farming.

Tris entered the Farm and found the clover patch (where you drop the seed) waist high, meaning CANNOT PLANT!  Orz  Tris just smiled (he's not temperamental like me) and said, "Let's try again later."

After some time, Tris reentered the Farm and the clover was knee high and so we planted an Apple Seed (more of these than the rest).  Then... we wondered around the farm.  And... and... watched the bunnies roam around.

This is going to sound silly, but simply watching the bunnies made me calm down.  Even though they are not pure white, they are still bunnies.  (>; . ;)>

All the bunnies look the same, some are bigger than others.  I'm sure next time I enter it won't be the same one, but I wanted to name this one Buddy.  I think he was rather attached to Tris.

I was about to tear myself away (heart breaking) from the bunnies (i.e., exit the Farm) when an announcement popped up that a Wild Comodo appeared.  D:  I saw it as the embodiment of all the dark things in my life.  Tris went after and killed it (Unlimited Shot > Outrage).  Evil, be gone!  >[

Before taking leave, we spied these two random families in Reb.  (There are lots of families standing throughout the cities for the Playtime Event, all going after the 600 points for Rascel.)  Tris and Gio (the very first original scout) were hiding behind the barrels and crates.  I find boots with lots of buttons rather appealing.  :o

Time for ferret to go to bed.  A poor plushie is going to be wet with tears.

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