Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Watching tomorrow with one eye

:o  Two really awesome bits of news were shared with me this morning. o:
Amazing and Amazing! \(^.^)v
Circus was really fun too because of it.

Tris is trying to hide his disappointment at the harvest of one solitary Apple this morning.  :<  He planted another Apple Seed, but left it up to Gio to harvest later in the evening.  Which turned out to yield five Apples.  Maybe scouts have greener thumbs!

Today a Wild Wild Wild Wild Boar showed up.  Okay already, we get it, it's really, really, really, really wild!  No need to embellish!  >O  Gio Arnis'd the daylights out of that boar and prepared some yummy BBQ pork for dinner.

Buddy is shy around Gio I think.  So were the weeds and flowers apparently.

Tune in tomorrow for the next Adventures in Farmland.  (something like that, yeah)

Ion Hair and Costume are still expensive.  :<  So is Ralph's Hair.

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