Wednesday, February 27, 2013

While keeping the other on yesterday

\(^.^)/  Brandish Arm obtained and added to Tracker.  I appreciate all the assistance I received with the Basement portion of the Marie favor quests on the alts.  (>'.')>

When we switched to the new host and the new patches that we were getting, I had forty-four stances that I either had to buy (with symbols), obtain during character quest (new characters), or quest for (old characters).  I am now down to the last three: Mia's Fleuret Glacier, Panfilo's Diable, and Viki's Robo Trance.

I got started on Mia's today.  It pained me to use up 140 Veteran Chips for Dignite costumes (70 chips, 50 High Quality Red Cloth, and 50 High Quality White Cloth each).  She wanted a Scout Dignite today and for tomorrow she wants Musketeer Dignite.  T.T  I should get the stance this weekend if I can get five more Sewing Boxes and whatever three random costumes she wants, I hope I have already.

Those ladies were hurting us real bad over the Louis Bag!

Not as painful for the Coco Suit, phew!

Also did a few of those quests in the Select tab of the quest log.  The really short ones.  I thought Natalie and Daria's was going to be short, but I had to deal with Rotating Blades at Old Port of Coimbra and Turrets at King's Garden.  There's still more, but I stopped for the day.

I thought the skyline was pretty.

Attended TP Rose with Katia (F-Musk) and Tania (Brunie).  Went to a super fast ToC run with Alicia (Grandice) and Tania.  I even got Feast from the first set of robots (I'm unworthy to make attempt that early in the raid, usually I try after Queen 2nd Form).  We ended with me still having two minutes of Feast left.  Alicia had fun with Soul Bringer.  :)  Couldn't ask for a more awesome sword and main-gauche set!  :D

Also did weekendies.  There's something soothing for me watching these waves and enjoying the company.

Cruise Furious and Cathy STR Crusader are 20% until level 21.  Cathy SUM is 15% into level 23 of ET.  I think I will work on Vincent ET next.

Boring Ferret notes about the forty-four stances.

Grandice(Soul Guard)
Grandice(Soul Bringer)
LudinSagittarius (Efreet)
IonCancer (Frost)
VeronifTaurus (Hermetisme)
VeronifScorpio (Enhanced Tactics)
AdrianaCancer (Cutlass)
ElisaScorpio (Enhanced Tactics)
VincentScorpio (Enhanced Tactics)
NatalieAquarius (Flintlock)
NatalieSagittarius (Equities)
DariaAquarius (Flintlock)
DariaSagittarius (Equities)
CruiseTaurus (Furious)
Tora(Dark Avenger)
Racel Targa(Sabre Tooth)
LisaBlitz Assault
Catherine STRBrandish Arm
Catherine STRTaurus (Crusader)
Catherine DEXSpit Shooter
Catherine DEXTaurus (Crusader)
Catherine INTActivator
Catherine INTTaurus (Crusader)
Catherine SUMPuppet Master
Catherine SUMScorpio (Enhanced Tactics)
MiaFleuret Glacier
Viki  Trance Robo
Emilia the SageScorpio (Enhanced Tactics)
MusketeerPisces (Unlimited Shot)
MusketeerPisces (Unlimited Shot)
BrunieCancer (Wanted Shot)
GarciaCancer (Wanted Shot)
WizardLeo (Telekinesis)
WizardLeo (Telekinesis)
NajibSagittarius (Sniper)
JackGemini (Destroyer)
YeganehLibra (Guardian)
AngieVirgo (Architecture)

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