Thursday, February 28, 2013

March Madness

Ferrety Ferret Ferret's things to work on in March!

Here is Alicia to make sure I stay on task.

Soho - A man who does not wear a shirt ~ short 1 Green/Yellow/Red Leaf of Rafflesia/1 Chocolate
Master Guardian - Task of Guardian ~ Tokens from BH
Brunie - Lost Treasure in New Continent
~ running around/killing
Coimbra - Protect Sea Elephant ~ short
Reboldoeux - Soldier of Reboldoeux with a stomach ache ~ Panfilo 5 Large Starfish/20 Antidote/20 Cockatrice Egg/20 Wolf Meat
Grace* - Familiar Stuff
 ~ running around/killing
Auch Solider - Infantry is in danger ~ running around
Najib - Forgotten Item ~ running around/killing
Romina - New continent exploration with Romina ~ running around/killing
Selva* - The nearest place to God ~ running around/combat/30 Memo
Mia - After that time ~ Fleuret Glacier

Billy - Billy and Nana (have to deliver his letter to her in Castilla Relics)
Cruise - Treasure Map Got cheated!! ~ combat/1 Hard Pickaxe/10 Iron Ore/10 High Quality Wood
Natalie - Make a decision ~ running around/combat

Viki - Scientist of New Ten Nobles ~ Robo Trance
Raven* - The Request of Raven ~ running around/combat/hunting
June - Memory of June (1) ~ view dialogue

Stance Books
Mia - Fleuret Glacier
Panfilo - Diable
Viki - Robo Trance

*Cut Ice RES Necklace
*Magic Leather Gloves recipe
*Magic Gauntlets recipe

*Magic Earring recipe

*Incantation or Invulnerable ring

*Crafted Physical Necklace
*100e - Controller, Hammer, Pendant
*Constellation Weapons - Fire Bracelet, Ice Bracelet

*Dragon Rifle
*Angel Pistol

*Dragon Pistol
*White Dagger
*Black Dagger
*Dragon Rifle
*Angel Pistol

*Male Scout Capitaine Costume & Hat
*Asupplegion Hat
*Phi Rasto Hat
*Jade Phraxi Hat
*Raid Pharxi Hat

*Ion Hair
*Ion Capitaine Costume
*Ralph Hair

*Andre - Spade Ensemble 19
*Angie's Overalls 56
*Claude - Musashi

*Idge -  Battle Smith
*Irawain - Kickboxer (Thai Fighter)
*Jack - Desperado 78
*Jose -  Kalid Armor
*Lorch - Survival Hunter 22 (Lonely Goatherd)
*Mboma - Noblesse

*Soho - Debauch 23
*Vincent - Bach

Materials (for other account)
7/50 Rare Book of Combat
55/50 Rare Book of Magic
12/50 Rare Book of Shooting
4/20 Devil's Whisper
0/1 Montoro Viscount Ring

0/1 Veronif's Diary
0/50 High Quality Cloth

Collect (some names have changed)
96e Trump Crossbow
96e Trump Staff
96e Trump Cannon
96e Trump Sabre
96e Trump Dagger
96e Trump Polearm
96e Trump Bracelet
*Elite Bracelet of Ziz
*Elite Bracelet of Leviathan

*Elite Bracelet of Behemoth
*Dragon's Fury Sword (Greatsword)
*Dragon's Scales Sabre
*Dragon's Wings Blade (Sword)
*Dragon's Bones Rapier
*Dragon's Wings Dagger 
*Dragon's Fury Spear (Polearm)
*Dragon’s Heart Shield

*Elite Crescent Axe (Blunt)
*Elite Grim Reaper (Polearm)
*Elite Mallet (Polearm)
*Elite Mucerati Warhammer (Polearm)
*Elite Bandersnatch (Sabre)
*Elite Octagon Shield (Shield)
*Elite Pollux Wing (Shield)
*Elite Gladius (Sword)
*Elite Antique Pistol (Pistol)
*Elite Arciliuto (Instrument)
*Fire Gate weapons
*Lightening Gate weapons
*Ice Gate weapons


  1. That's really a long long list just like your other lists. I just hope I can get so organized in game and irl lol
    I dont really feel that much passion about this game anymore.
    How are you ~

    1. ^^;;; It's the same list month after month, the crafting and collecting doesn't change much. The only things new are those sub-quests and stance book quests.

      I think the most organized list of mine would be the one I posted last May in preparation for all those new patches we were anticipating under Sword2 but never happened.

      Sadly to say (?), this is my personality in real life. I'm too methodical. I actually have a Master spreadsheet that I use to keep track of various things in the game. Yesterday I built a recipes sheet for Panfilo's stance quest because I needed to visually see what materials I was short on for recipes.

      I know it's crazy. Part of it is just how I am, part of it has to do with me feeling because I don't have much active play time in the game, I build tools to keep myself on track to make use of every minute I have. Even when I'm afk, the characters are doing something, be it leveling/leveling stances or farming for things. I can't say I've *never* idled in town, but that is very, very rare and not for a very extended period of time.

      Be on the look out for the next post. It's another Tracker. ahuehuehuehuehue

  2. Hey ferr, those are the recipes you need to get Diable Stance Book, but you better look at the ingredients, they normally requiere 30 Great/Thick items and you get all of them from the farm (the easiest one is Great Octo Arm). Think you need 8 recipes in total to get 100 points, also keep an eye on the dialogue, if you dont pick the right answer you might not get all the points and you would need more recipes to make. Good luck!!

    DeBe (halcy)

    1. Thanks for confirming about the recipes.

      What's this about the dialogue?! O_O! He askes you questions too?!

      Actually I wonder if you can only get one, I assume so. I have an ICP too and I'm going to want to get a book for him as well. Might have to steal from an alt. D: