Friday, February 22, 2013

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

Never would I have thought it possible to get (in my opinion) the two hardest quest stance books on the same day.  I thought that it would be more likely that I get Soul Bringer (Montoro Raid) before I even saw Abyss (Viscount Ring).

Some technicalities as to which one I got first.  I received the Viscount Ring* first, but didn't do the quest for Abyss until after I got Soul Bringer after Montoro Raid.  I also turned in my second Veronif Diary in for the Abyss Scroll.

[Montoro Raid image removed by request of Clan Leader.]

I used a few Vet Chips without the aid of enchantment boosters (as I had none).  Veronif's Diary has a low atk and 75% Lifeless and Abyss Scroll got a decent atk and atk spd, good enough for afk leveling anyway.  Nothing special.  I wasn't expecting anything good since I never had that kind of luck.  These two are the first gears I've chipped since the new server.

The two stances have been added to Tracker.  What's left is Brandish Arm, Fleuret Glacier, Diable, and Trance Robo.  Marie only gave me seven favor points today, bringing it to 92/100.  I pray she will give me enough tomorrow to finish.  I haven't put much thought into the other three, Fleuret has something to do with Dignite costume, Diable has to do with soups, and Robo sounds way too difficult and time consuming.  :\  Ah well, I finish Brandish first.

Currently: Grandice Soul Bringer, Vincent Abyss, SUM ET
Need to finish: Natalie & Daria Flintlock, Cruise Furious, STR Crusader
Need to start: Tora Dark Avenger, Sharon Trikinesis, Najib Sniper
Other: STR Brandish Arm, Vincent ET, SUM Puppet Master, Construction characters

245/300 d('.'d)  Tomorrow I do believe shall be done.

By the way, I think the chicken came first because of evolution, an organism becomes a chicken.  I don't think an egg can just appear without there being a chicken to lay it.  But that's just me.  :p

*I am very much indebted, thank you so much.


  1. ooh gratz on the books! i am still struggling with abyss i honestly can't believe its that hard to get... rushed my vincent to exp all excited to use the wanderer buff but nope. not gonna happen too soo. oh well, at least other people get lucky! im happy for you.

    also i think i read somewhere about the chicken/egg argument... forgot what ~*~scientists~*~ concluded but thats beyond the point. ovo

    1. Thank you!

      The ring involves a lot of luck. I'm still going to keep going to Deadman for the roulette.

      I hope one rolls for you soon!!!

      Hahaha about the chicken/egg. I never bothered to try to look it up. ^^;