Wednesday, March 13, 2013

afraid of the dark? here's a flashlight

Attended Cortes in Lucifer Basement.  Let's just say it was chaotic, very much like our early days back in old Orpesia server under G1.

Finished Jack quest.  Had to kill Jurgen.  This guy should be a UPC.

Didn't do any Raven quest, as I need to do Rafflesia, Vergo, and Garim raid.  I don't have any hammers and need to find a squad for Garim.

Things still needed for Kiecle:
500 Wolf's Fur to get 50 High Quality White Fur (Merchant favor quest)
47 Ruby, 12 Book of Combat, 5 Book of Shooting

Finished with the Thick Spider Meat.  But now need Great Fish.
I'm worried I won't make 100 favor rate, so might have to get Thick Brawn for 8th soup...

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