Friday, March 22, 2013

Can of Tuna

Eighth attendance at Montoro raid (seventh completed mission).  Also went to TP Rose (finally managed to reach the 400s).  TP Jurgen is still painful, I spent more time PF and ressing than DPS to the point I gave up trying to PF because I got smashed anyway.  Went to ToC also, but it doesn't like to give me more than 30 chips.  Bad luck I guess.  Octavia (Cathy INT) and Tania (Brunie) leveled a bit.  Need to take Stella (ETS) to ToC to wrap up her leveling.

Not much interesting to say, because not much energy to do things, sorry folks!

It's been a long week at work.  Looking to get some much needed rest this weekend... recharge and study...  Orz

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