Saturday, March 23, 2013

Where's my cresent?

Leopold was promoted to Master!!!
Crafted a 100e Hammer came out +5
Matthias (Jack) is done with his stance.
Now using Tania (Brunie) and Octavia (Cathy INT) to help level Gloria (Angie).

Finished extended Jack quest, which was go to Argus and Lightening Gate, then give him 50 Maid Costume Pieces and 50 Dress Pieces.  Good thing I'm a hoarder, I have better things to farm.  ^.^;  Kept every drop (other than weapons and pure ores) since I started playing, so it's been nice to see some of these things actually become of use.

Went to Rafflesia (one Constellation Box) and Vergo (no box!) as well for Raven/Garcia quest, but still haven no way to get to Garim.  Kind of behind on Marchetti and Heyran quest because I don't have this completed.

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