Friday, March 8, 2013

Crow's Shoelaces

Finally went to Kiecle...
Serena and Cain look like they're related!
Started Barrol quest
Started Jack sub quest, received help going through Castilla Mines!
Also went to Castilla Relics for Billy's quest, delivering letter to Nana.
Went on a ToC run where I WC'd.  I haven't WC'd at ToC since last November.
Montoro for the sixth time (fifth time completing)
TP Rose, Cortes, Wraith ~ Ferret swiped all the Devil materials!  (Turned in to clan of course!)
Was up super late!!!  T.T

Not sure why, but I feel like howling to that moon.
And wondering why Barrol is sinking in quick cement?

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