Thursday, March 7, 2013


BH Occulta rolled three 96e weapons.  :o  Pretty spiffy!

I miss Raiden/Quinzel Boxes.  Clicking on webpage isn't the same feeling as clicking a box in game (I have not used Cash Shop, I'm speaking from my experience with the Playtime Event clicking).  I feel like Cash Shop roulette item sales/trades are controlled by cash players.  No boxes for non-cash players to buy from the market to click and get a chance at items on their own instead of paying vis to buy weapons and costumes and what not.  It makes me sad.

Speaking of clicking, the new Playtime Event should give us a separate option to "Click to use all points".  Clicking100 times to use up 600 points, for example, is 99 clicks too many.  Orz

Puppet Master and Dark Avenger wrapping up.
Still working on soups for Diable...  Fish and Thick Spider Meat.
Construction characters still need to be worked on.

Wow, I have reached this many pageviews!  Thank you readers!

The title of this post is a name of a 2001 Japanese movie, also known as Calmi Cuori Appassionati.  A song from its soundtrack was playing on my playlist.  I fail at post titles.  I'm well aware that my post titles make no sense 95% of the time.  :p  A few posts ago, there were two days of lines from a Cowboy Bebop song, "The Real Folk Blues".

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