Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lonely Undertaker

I haven't set foot in Kielce.  :o
Another day, another day.

Did the handful of BH and Circus.  :)
Circus gave me some Corrupt Essence!  :O

Made two more soups for second book.  Currently three ready, if I have enough Wheat Flour tomorrow I can make two more for the same five I made for first book.
I hope the stance book is tradeable...  O.o;  I mean the Cathy Robot ones are.

Materials still needed (for both books):
Wheat Flour    x25
Honey    x145
Fish Meat    x85
Great Clear Rum    x59
Great Fish Meat    x59
Thick Brawn    x58
Thick Comodo Meat    x54
Thick Spider Meat    x35
Thick Wolf Meat    x53

If it only takes me two more soups, I'm going to shoot to get Fish Meat and Thick Spider Meat.
I pray, pray, pray only two more soups.  *_*

Stance wise, Sofia (Mia) is working on Fleuret Glacier with Cordelia (SUM) Puppet Master, and that brat Reilly (Tora) Dark Avenger.  Only Ambrosia (Sharon) and Tobias (Vincent) left!
[Excluding Cilliano (ICP) and Marcelo (Panfilo) Diable.]

And finally, the last character name revealed:

J.D. is JosephDominic

He's so special that he gets two names.  XD
Alas, he has not graced us with his presence.  T.T

However, if T3 is going to be as "warp speed ahead" as they have been with this patch and Cash Events (don't even get me started... just don't...) we will see him in less than two months.  :P


  1. Yay soupy progress!

    Kielce is a very pretty city, although I question why its so bumpy. No one would make a city like that in real life >.<

    JosephDominic, good name! :D I gotta catch up with you soon.

    1. I remember when Katovic Soup was annoying. These Thick meat ones are the new annoying ones. XD

      Hopefully it's nice music in Kielce. Have to remember to turn on sound. (Maybe another time I will explain why I play with sound off.)

      Thanks! I'm really happy with it. The name just came to me, like JD demanded to be named JosephDominic. I think it's a strong name. :) Usually it takes forever to think up names (considering I already had 86 characters to name prior to these five).