Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring, where art thou?

Keeping low key during the week.  A particular parental unit is on my case about playing the game too much, which I don't, actively.  :\

I finally got around to rearranging my Quarters last night and finding where my characters are level wise.  Usually I sort them by level, highest in the first quarter down to the lowest, the maxed out characters are placed by the order the first maxed.  I did that for all the old characters (pre-T3), but left the new fourteen characters + Rascel + Barrel back in the new quarters.

I don't have Marchetti or Heyran yet, as the Raven/Garcia quest has a bug for the past two weeks.  Plus, I haven't gotten around to going to Rafflesia/Vergo/Garmin for the first set of Panfilo ingredients (quite frankly, Panfilo is a pain).  There's also that new Jack extended quest which I need to go to Lightening Gate and Argus.  Maybe try to get these missions done this weekend.  Maybe.  :\

Updated my Character Names List.  Now I have 46 Masters and 41 Experts.  >_>;  87 characters... both genders of stocks, Reb, Auch, all four Cathy robots, all promos except for Cadet Adriana, Cadet Elsa, Pioneer Grenmah (which I doubt I will get as I do not spend cash and they seem to be rare and probably can't afford with vis, probably not worth it, just nice for collection purposes).  Down to the last four characters needing expert stances worked on, Panfilo, Jack, Angie, and Yeganeh.

I don't have a "main team" anymore, though the ones I use are still primarily pistol and bracelet based. It depends on the raid and my mood.  Emilia or ETS is always there for buffing.

Personal Raids
Circus: Grandice
Bounty Hunter: Grandice with Ralph or a Musk
Coimbra Bridge: Grandice with Marie
Bahia Secret Room: Grandice with Marie
Kiecle Night: Grandice with a Musk or Ion or Ludin / Duo Musks

Clan Raids
Tower of Chaos: Grandice with a Musk or Ion or Ludin or Brunie or Cathy Activator / Duo Musks / Triple WC if desperate
Time Paradox: same as above, minus Triple WC, Rio/Grace/Lorch for buffing
Clan Raids: Grandice with Ralph
Montoro: Lionel with Ralph

Calypso and Helena pretty much retired.  If I had another crossbow it might be interesting to try duo crossbow.  Lack of weapons with mods kind of makes things difficult.  I really wish T3 would fix that, but I feel like they are purposely not.  We're going to hit three months in three weeks and still nothing.  Instead they keep issuing out Cash Shop after Cash Shop stuff.

P.S. The Blog Guardian Bunnies need more click love.  :<  Poor little things.

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