Saturday, March 16, 2013

Who was there?

No more previous patch quests/subquests except for Viki Robo Trance!  Which I'm kind of like... really... that's more work than Soul Bringer and even two Diable books.  Orz

I started off with Cruise, it didn't take too long.  The Imoogi came back to haunt him.  He had a run in with Asoka.  Suddenly I was like, ":O omgomgomg!  OTP!"  lol...  I think she cannot stand to be around him.  I think he will not give up.  I had fun trying out Furious stance.

Sword Dance Tango

Romina's wasn't too bad either.  Najib's was annoying because I couldn't get Thief Morgan, so I stopped for awhile and started on Brunie's, which was equally annoying trying to get Angry Comodos to drop the quest items.  Finally inbetween clan raids I finished Najib.

Have to get back to getting Sewing Boxes, still have costumes I want.  :<

10 Devil's Whisper, 12 Book of Combat, 2 Book of Shooting, and 140 Wolf Furs to go.  Eventually may have to go back to farming Rufus Reaper Wings.  Which is fine.  Lisa hasn't finished leveling Blitz Assault, so team can go back there.

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