Sunday, March 17, 2013

Snow Cabinet

A few list stuff and field trip screencap!

I just found that I only need Crossbow, Staff, Cannon, Sabre, Dagger, Polearm, and Bracelet to complete my set 96e Trump set!

Now trying to get those Kiecle daily favor stuff going.  Finished Peter/Jeremy (bye bye Rare Books!) and Gregory (took two days to farm 500 Wolf Fur to trade for 50 HQ White Fur).
I make my rounds by walking around in this order:
William (mob kill) - do with Durant survey (Night)
Victor (crafting)*
Daniel (hunting) - do after town stuff
Ork (books) - do onsite (green books) or with hotel flyers (yellow) or with William/Durant (red)
Simon (hunting) - do after town stuff
Kelly in Lab (dark water) - do after town stuff
Roy in Lab (turrets) - do while in lab
Durant (survey) - do with William mob kill (Night)
Rica (hunting) - do after town stuff
John (hotel flyers) - do with Ork if town based
Elizabeth (painting) - do while out in town
Serena (bad boy) - do while onsite
Anthony/Scott (pirates) - do while onsite
Jeremy/Cain (delivery) - do while onsite

*Three different sets of things he wants:
1000 Pure Ores - I have plenty of (haven't had this one yet)

10 of each kind of Unpolished Red/Green/Blue Gem or break HQ gems (haven't had to do this yet) - good thing I'm a hoarder, I kept all of these from breaking Rings and kept HQ gems from raids and even picked up other people's drops in town (as they say, another person's junk, is another person's treasure!)

10 of each kind of Philosopher's Stone, Marble Stone (Frozen Wastes), Hard Scale, Diamond Ore (Frozen Wastes), Black Steel (Ice Wizard) - currently have sufficient amount, but may need to farm again, especially the Ice Rufus Reaper Wings (Ice Wizard) needed for the Hard Scale, which thankfully is a one to one trade unlike the Wolf Fur

Went on a field trip to the training grounds.  It was neat to see the moon reflected.

Cheshire Moon

howl~ howl~

Some info, after making Panfilo Soups for two Diable stance books, I've learned:
Great Illier Style Spider Steak - Gertrude
Great Illier Style Wild Wild Boar Steak - Mia
Great Illier Style Wolf Steak - Natalie
Great Illier Style Comodo Steak - Daria
Great Bristia Style Meat Stew - Garcia
Great Bristia Style Stirfried Octo Dish - Raven
First Class Fish Sausage - Alejandro
First Class Stirfried Corn - Nar
Great Illier Style Golden Apple Pie - Brunie
Great Bristia Style Egg Stew - Grace
Great Illier Style Special Salad - Claude
Great Bristia Style Capy Fish - Jack

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