Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forever Favor Rating Quests

Kielce Favor Rate Quests...  They feel like they are never ending, don't know how long it's going to take to reach 10,000.  A year?  Two years?  I don't know what version the other servers are at.  The Wikipedia page for Granado Espada used to give that information.  I wonder which server has people who has completed it and how long it took them.  After maxing it, does it means can stop doing them or is there more?!?!  Except for Laboratory and Ork and Victor if you want to keep getting Bristia Boxes and Essences...

I still have Crow Forest Raid and Jun Viron Box Favor Rates to raise.  Higher Crow Forest means higher mobs in the raid and better roulette items.  I wonder what is the advantage of finishing the Jun Box.

I also wonder what that Kurt Favor Rate is about.  I recruited Kurt on my account and don't know if that will prevent me from doing the quest or whatever it is needed to trigger it.

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