Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rabbits are rampant in the garden

I think at the current rate, I may have more Purity Essences to put towards the mind link part of the Kano recruitment quest.  Low on Corruption Essences and Balance Essences are running about the average of the other two.

Hugue (Kurt) to be leveled once Robin (Marchetti) reaches Master.  Juan (Yeganeh) is still leveling with JosephDominic.  There's eleven sets of trios after these guys are done to level Expert to Master.  Maybe after two sets of trios I'll have Meilia (Sorang) and Chelsia (Kano).

I can't believe I have 90 characters in my Quarters.  o.o

JosephDominic: But I'm your favorite, right?

I'm not sure Ferret is allowed to have a favorite.
The other 89 characters could kill her in her sleep.
Ferret fears Alicia on Soul Bringer the most!  >o<

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