Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Magnum Gold Ice Cream Bar

I'm happy that I completed all those Quests from March list and Bristia list.  This list is short.
I'm waiting for information on the new sub quests, what to do and how long it will take.

*Recruit Kano (22 Purity/4 Corruption/11 Balance ~ Ferret has a long ways to go!)
*Selva Sub-Quest (in progress, 15 day quest!)
*Angie/Lorch Sub-Quest
*Claude/Claire Sub-Quest (I can't seem to trigger this quest)
*Master Guardian - Task of Guardian ~ Tokens from BH


*Cut Ice RES Necklace [removed from list as these became merged]
*Incantation or Invulnerable ring

*Magic Leather Gloves
*Crafted Physical Necklace (need more)
*Constellation Weapons - Fire Bracelet, Ice Bracelet (contemplating Hestia!)

(If T3 doesn't give us mods back, I pretty much have to chip EVERYTHING)
T3 is giving mods back manually, I didn't submit everything, so I will have to rechip some things
*Dragon Rifle
*Angel Pistol

*Dragon Pistol
*White Dagger
*Black Dagger
*Dragon Rifle
*Angel Pistol

*Male Scout Capitaine Costume & Hat
*Asupplegion Hat
*Phi Rasto Hat
*Jade Phraxi Hat
*Raid Pharxi Hat
*Ion Hair & Capitaine Costume
*Asoka Sellarsarse Bariante Hair & Costume
*Grandies Summer Hair & Costume
*Lionel Indigo 9 Hair & Costume
*Female Fighter Wedding Hair & Costume
*Mia Rainism Hair & Costume
*Adriana Sybis Hair & Costume
*Sharon Wavy Shaggy Cut & Shadow Robe Costume
*Raven Butler Suit Costume
*Andre - Spade Ensemble
*Angie's Overalls
*Idge -  Battle Smith
*Irawain - Kickboxer (Thai Fighter)
*Jack - Desperado
*Jose -  Kalid Armor
*Lorch - Survival Hunter (Lonely Goatherd)
*Mboma - Noblesse
*Soho - Debauch
*Vincent - Bach

Collect (some names have changed)
*96e Trump Crossbow
*96e Trump Cannon
*96e Trump Sabre
*96e Trump Dagger
*96e Trump Polearm
*96e Trump Bracelet
*Elite Bracelet of Ziz
*Elite Bracelet of Leviathan
*Elite Bracelet of Behemoth
*Dragon's Fury Sword (Greatsword)
*Dragon's Scales Sabre
*Dragon's Wings Blade (Sword)
*Dragon's Bones Rapier
*Dragon's Wings Dagger 
*Dragon's Fury Spear (Polearm)
*Dragon’s Heart Shield
*Elite Grim Reaper (Polearm)
*Elite Mallet (Polearm)
*Elite Mucerati Warhammer (Polearm)
*Elite Bandersnatch (Sabre)
*Elite Gladius (Sword)
*Fire Gate weapons
*Lightening Gate weapons
*Ice Gate weapons

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