Monday, April 15, 2013

Piggy Bank ~ oink! oink! ~

Some time ago, I was asked (because my time is limited) what personal dailies I would advise to do under time crunch.  It's hard to give this kind of advice because everyone has different needs for what they want to get out of the dailies.  I mostly want Chips to sell and Essences and Bristia Boxes.

General Dailies
Jun Viron Box
Castilla Mines, first two bosses
BH Ice Tower
BH Occulta
BH Sedecram

Kielce Dailies
[Do all on weekends]

Here are my newbie characters running around triggering quests in Kielce.

Actually, Reneia (Heiran) is nearly Master and Robin (Marchetti) is not too far behind.  Because of the nice EXP Buff Event, I have plotted my evil plan to level Experts to Master, but only after JosephDominic finishes Royal Guard (to be obtained tomorrow) and reaches Master.  Kano and Sorang (should I accumulate enough points to get her) might not make it during this event though.  :<

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