Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gained an Expensive Child

Got Kano today!  The recruiting guides didn't explain that Marchetti doesn't take all 60 Essences and it read like you needed additional 120 for the four Mind Link missions.  I forgot to screencap Kano trapped in that thing.  :x  I borrowed 30 Corruption Essences to show to Marchetti and used Purity and Balance (since they were the cheaper kind in the MM).

First Mission (about three minutes)
The room was all black, didn't think to try to Rouse though.  ^^;

Second & Third Mission (about four to five minutes)
The room was all white, which was rather blinding.
I used red lolied sparingly, mostly on 3rd mission.

 Fourth Mission (about two minutes)
The room went back to being black.
Only used Emi, red lolied and Hermes.
It was rather nerve wrecking keeping up with the light beams.

Was lucky to have assistance finding the Big Encyclopedia.  Was not thrilled to pay 10 Elemental Jewels.  (Tuition for one semester at University of Kielce?)

The symbol for Story Telling looks like a basketball hoop.  :o

Now JosephDominic is leveling with Chelsia and Meilia.  Because... JD is like a surrogate brother to Chels and Mei is her best friend.  So... there you go... JD is squishy brother taking care of little girls.  *squish*squish* JD, you really are my favorite character.  /shot by the other 91 characters

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