Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hamster Wheel

Day 3 was not so lucky.  I stayed up for reset to attempt it, but after six tries, I just couldn't make it past the guards.  I was too exhausted to concentrate I guess.  The third attempt was close though, I made it to the end but the guard woke up.  Then I tried six more times in the evening... but I guess I was too stressed out and was hurrying too much.

Finally after doing some Kielce dailies I thought I would try one last time.  I made it through and killed the guard at the end.  I feel like such a failure that Day 3 took me thirteen tries all together to complete, compared to the really lucky one attempt on Day 2.

In total, it took four tries on Day 1 (22:43 left on timer, no killing), one attempt on Day 2 (finished at 23:49 with killing), and thirteen on Day 3 (22:56 after the dialogue of Renault and appearance of Heiran).  For a total of eighteen attempts or 9m down the drain.  Orz  Getting past the guards is the hard part.  The combat was no problem even though I embarrassingly used a Trump Rapier because I have no rapiers with attack speed mods for Simon (Raven).

I was worried about whether Rosaria (Grace) would be able to combat Heiran, as she's only Expert 3 and I don't have any good rifles or shotguns, but she did just fine.  :D

Reneia (Heiran) has finished Bareknuckles (all my characters with that stance have it completed) and Butterfly and is now working on Femme Fatale using PIO Vet daggers (one from Tora and one from herself - the only two PIO Vet items I got from Auch was a shield and a lightening bracelet, the rest came with those new characters that start at Level 100).

Femme Fatale is omgomgomg.

I remember I would get mesmerized watching Outrage on speed cap back in the day.  Then it was Croisement and then Punisher.  Notice these are all shooting stances...

But now... Femme Fatale is like whoaaaaa~~~ *_* and it's not even on speed cap.  Making this the first (and only?) melee stance I'm gaga over.  XD

Just relieved I got Heiran.  Now my wish list is to get Trance Robo stance book by the end of Sunday.


  1. Butterfly sounds a nicename for a stance~
    F.F. can be classified as range stance, the ET buff for range ppl works perfectly with that stance.

    1. Well... it's ranged because she doesn't have to get close but it's using melee weapons, so it's still a melee to me. :p I use Logi on non ranged too.