Thursday, May 2, 2013


The mobs in Kielce Night Training Camp hurt a lot.  I've been taking Alicia (Grandies) and JosephDominic.  This screen capture was from last week.  I just noticed the two soldiers standing there, like they weren't sure whether to attack or not!  First time seeing them instead of a big attacking glob.  They're eerie with their green glow in the dark.  The way they move feels like skeletal attackers.

I'm really crappy at using melee, the only melee I learned to use was Geia (Asoka).  Used her for all the character quests (during G1)!  So I chuckle at myself trying to use duo melee.  Usually I skill a shoot or magic character and the melee is on spacebar.  :p  I think with some more practice I'll get the hang of it.

Sneaking up on Demonic Elmorc
Slowpokes can't catch up to Anastasia
You'd think Joey would hop faster

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