Wednesday, May 1, 2013

que no pare la fiesta

Whew, we just concluded the fourth Playtime Event.  It's been nearly three months straight of staying logged on!  Been pounding pretty hard with these events...  I think it would be nice to get at least a week's worth of break...

In review:
2/6/2013-3/3/2013 Rascel Targa Character Card - 600 points
3/6/2013-3/27/2013 Bristia Pioneering Medal - 600 points
3/28/2013-4/9/2013 Snake Medal - 800 points
4/10/2013-4/30/2013 Sorang Character Card - 1200 points

I can't help wondering what the next event will be (the when can be later!).  Originally the kGE site didn't have Freeday and Liung under the promo characters list, but they're there now.  That leaves Cherlyn (Fire Bracelet/Tome), Freeday (Instrument), and Liung (Ligthening Bracelet+Knuckle) for what I consider potential Playtime Event characters.  This is based off of Cadet Adriana, Cadet Elisa, Pioneer Grandice, and Sniper Bernelli being Cash Shop and "repeats" of pre-existing characters.  There's Vendetta Valeria and Spy Olivia, but I think they would be Cash as well.

I wouldn't mind Freeday being the next Event character.  It would be nice to have another instrument character, even though Cheryln and Liung are slighty different than the others, we have enough bracelet and MA characters, Freeday would be cooler to have!  Rio and Freeday can give us concerts!  :3  Well, regardless of the character, let us hope it won't take something insane like 1600 points...  Orz

Random Ferret and JosephDominic behind the scenes conversation.

Ferret: Had to go look at the joey on my blog. *pet*pet* baby kangaroo
Ferret: Joey wouldn't bite.
Ferret: He would just Detonate me.
JosephDominic: What did I say about calling me "Joey"? -_-#
Ferret: JD made minced meat out of Ferret.
JosephDominic: I did not.
Ferret: And he's wearing a hat made out of ferret fur like Davy Crockett.
JosephDominic: I do not wear hats.
Ferret: I saved this little conversation for blog another time.
JosephDominic: It is a waste of space.
Ferret: Says you.
JosephDominic: [getting a headache]

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