Tuesday, April 30, 2013

...will end and the sun will rise

Chelsia finished leveling ET.  orz  Another ET user.  Yay...  [said Ferret unenthusiastically]

Now it's time to level Basketball Hoop Story Telling.

Chelsia: [starts crying] I don't want to learn Story Telling!  [sob]
It's hard and... and the monsters in the Cave are scary!  ; . ;

JosephDominic: [kneels]  Will Chelsia learn Story Telling for me?
I will protect you from the monsters.

Chelsia: [stops crying]  [sits on the floor]  Really?  Really?  [giddy]
[claps hands]  Joey will protect me?  ^ . ^

JosephDominic: [cringes internally]  [I am not a baby kangaroo...]
Of course, you have my word.  Fear not little one.

Ferret: [squish] Joey [squish]

JosephDominic: [eyes flare red]  Kindly refrain from calling me by that name.
[places hand over hilt of weapon]

Ferret: [cowers]  [Eeek!]  So-sorry!  [scampers to dunce corner]

Someday Kano's going to grow up to be a pretty blonde girl and JD's going to steal her and all hell will break loose from Kaisse.

JosephDominic: -_-#  I would do no such thing.

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