Monday, April 29, 2013

Even the darkest night...

Just some character updates.  Hugue (Kurt) was promoted to Master, he's five levels behind Philip (Eduardo) and Silvia (Selva).  Can't wait to see the Black and White Grims!  Mei (Sorang) is about 50% away from Master.  Chels (Kano) is currently at Level 22 ET (too many ET characters).  When both of them reach Master I'll have 59 Masters, holy!  o_O!

It's too bad the 200% EXP event is ending, it helped a lot.  I'll probably duo JosephDominic and Chels when Mei is done.  I haven't tried out Story Telling yet, I hope it actually kills on spacebar instead of being like construction characters that just stand around.

I have yet to submit a ticket for my lost enchantment items.  >_<;  Busy with real life.  :\

Thank you to whomever has been clicking on the Guardian Bunnies!  I usually present new ones when they reach 200, but haven't selected a new pair.  :x

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