Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dullahans, Kobolds, Werebears, oh my!

It turns out that collecting those other weapons might be easier than I thought, as there aren't as many.  Good luck to me.  I never did finish Werewolf and Ogre though.  Will not rest until I collect them all!  Pokemon!

Dullahan Halberd (Polearm) x3
Dullahan Claymore (Sword) x2
Dullahan Sword (Sword) x5
Dullahan Pistol (Pistol) x4
Dullahan Shield (Shield) x3

Kobold Axe (Blunt) x2
Kobold Torch (Blunt) x3
Kobold Bone Sabre (Saber) x2
Kobld Sword (Sword) x2
Kobold Dagger (Dagger) x2
Kobold Shield (Shield) x2

Werebear Mace (Blunt) x2
Werebear Morningstar (Polearm) x2
Werebear Poleaxe (Polearm) x2
Werebear Cannon (Cannon) x3

Ogre Long Sword (Greatsword) x1
Ogre Poleaxe (Polearm) x0
Ogre Dagger (Sword) x0
Ogre Knife (Sword) x0

Ogre Shotgun (Shotgun) x1
Ogre Orb (Staff) x0

Werewolf Axe (Blunt) x0
Werewolf Sword (Sword) x0

Werewolf Dagger (Dagger) x1
Werewolf Shield (Shield) x0
Werewolf Rifle (Rifle) x1

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