Monday, June 3, 2013

Badge of Courage: We Survived 500 Bounty Hunts

T.T  Done.  Finally.  Done.  Freedom.  *collapse*

 The last one was Porto Bello.
Running around doing celebratory fireworks.
Like a Chinese New Year Dragon.  ;D

The whole time I was trying to come up with a name for Cadet Elisa.  >_>  It's very un-Ferret-like to not have a name prepared well in advance.  I guess I better start coming up with names for... Pioneer Grandice, Sniper Bernelli, Cherlyn, Freeday, Liung, Vendetta Valeria, and Spy Olivia in case someday they make them available to non-cash players.  Oh, and a name for original Olivia.

Maybe I can finally sleep better at night.  No more BH nightmares.

  / o-o \

Crafted the Al Risch.  My second Constellation weapon.  Yes, I am that noob.  Read it again, my SECOND Constellation weapon.  I've been playing for almost three years and only have two Constellations.  I've had the Shooting Crystals ready for over a year.  Just never went and got recipes.  Blue Crane put two chips on it.  :D

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