Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Super Nova

Did another 20+ BH to set off fireworks.  nutty!Ferret  I must really like fireworks at end of BH.  :3

Currently working on Angelina's (Cadet Elisa) prevet and vet stances.  Made it to Level 10 of ET (lost count of the number of ET users I have now).

Tonight is maintenance and I pray that I finally get my enchantments back.  It's been exactly a month since I submitted my ticket and it is getting ridiculous.

I wonder if we will get another "Playtime Event".  I pray for no more active events.  This BH Event was too much.  People who complained on forums about needing active event... should have been careful what they wished for.  :x

What I would like is a EXP event!

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