Sunday, July 21, 2013

Night Fury

Recently ran into some former clannies and even a former clan leader.  Got in to talking about how the clans had change names.  I kind of lost touch with some but it seems like my former clans went something like:

Core > merged with ShaketheHeavens > some went to What > after transfer became Sparta > leadership change became Gravitas > some left to coolsfpic

Albatros > went back to being Schiavona > after transfer became Legacy > merged with AterAtraAtrum > joined Halcy

Halcyon never changed its name, some members left, but pretty much folks from Orpesia server stayed, got some new members from the former other servers and added the players from AAA, had to shorten the name though, because of some bug after the transfer.  But I think it's a pretty stable clan, I don't foresee changes (or big changes).

P.S. I WC'd at Montoro #23. *collapses*

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