Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bunny Letter Opener

I haven't felt like writing lately.  As most people know, the game gets rather repetitive.  I don't do too many Kielce dailies anymore, though every once in awhile I do the Back Alley Poor ones to continue to up my favor rate.

Still doing the daily DD hunts.  Elminor is still twenty four hour respawn.  Orz  At least someone in the clan ends up having to do it and posts the timer.  I think I can craft the Strata LOE by the end of the year (laugh).

September is coming up in the next few days, so maybe it's time to check where I'm at with the last goals.  Not in any particular order:

Etienne (Male Musk) made it to High Master, so now I have a total of fifteen HMs!  No more are raising any time soon.  Right now working on getting Shane (Liung) to Master but he seems to be taking his time.  Slow poke...  :\  I still have fifteen (or five pairs of trios) to level to Master.  T.T

I got more two more sets of Magic type Gloves and Shoes and looking to make one more Magic Leather Belt and one more Crafted Physical Necklace.

Time Paradox Rose crystals were finished and I got my second Evil weapon (have a Dagger and a Main Gauche).  Currently a little over halfway on Nephtys crystals.  Can't find any groups for an afternoon run, so end up staying up late to go to the one at night.  z.z  Haven't decided which bracelet to craft, but I suspect it's going to be Fire...  (More on this under the cut.)

I ended up getting two more Incantation Rings, since the stance ring ended up being the same price as the Invulnerable skill ring.  (More on this under the cut.)  Have some other stance rings but haven't gotten around to upgrading them.

I finished my 96e Trump collection and just short a Dragon Shield to finish the 100e (though I didn't include the 100e Fire, Ice, Lightening Bracelets or the three Prison Series in this count).  I just like to collect and complete sets.  And it's good for afk teams.  :p

Costumes... I might start buying them off the MM (priced about 20m each).  Haven't made it to Bahia Room in awhile.  Spade Ensemble, Angie's Overalls, Battle Smith, Thai Fighter, Desperado, and Bach.  I would love another Cursed Fallen Angel Weapon costume.  D:

The other account got its Elisa, Heiran, JD, but not going to pay 100m for Kano.  Needs Montoro Ring for Grenmah.  And a Tora card.  Even finished Tower of Chaos Medals!  :D  Some of its Vets have gotten to Expert too.

Post got too long so I placed the rest under a cut.  Maybe another day I'll write about Joey JosephDominic and his climb to the top of the Magic Bean Stalk.  :3  [He jabbed me with his GS for calling him "Joey".  owie!]

Until next time, be good Granado Espadians.  Thanks for tuning in!

P.S. The post title is in reference to this .gif image.
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Attended Montoro #27.5

Some ramblings about teams and stuff under the cut!

The team I'd use if nothing mattered (i.e., racial weapons): JD and Musketeer because JD is just really awesome to use and musk I get to shoot and both being able to max speed without pink loli is very nice.  I'm just really comfortable using them.  I swap Grandies in for Musk for Back Alley/Crow/Prison raids.  (Which is funny coming from someone who really sucked at using melee to use duo!)

The team I most end up using: Lionel and Ralph because I have the most racial weapons for them.  They get dragged to DD hunts and TPs.  Kind of bored of using them all the time.  Maybe I have game ADD (attention deficit disorder) when it comes to teams.   I like to switch things up.

The team I should be using but don't/can't and don't really want to: Any combination of Ludin, Ion, and Cathy because I don't have Fire or Ice bracelets and my LOEs are shoddy.  And I'm conservative and haven't used pink loli since they became untradeable/unsaleable.  The other day someone was asking me how do I cope with the use of ASOs and my response was something along the lines of, "That's not an issue of mine... as I don't use magic users very often..."

Honestly, I don't know how people keep up with burning ASOs.  :x  I get them from roulettes at BH and ToC.  Another friend said, "I'm not big on skilling if I don't have to."  ^^;  (Though I do skill on JD/Musk/Ralph, I don't feel the need to with Lio.)  People were so gaga over Ludin and clan was always saying to bring her to raids, but I see more Ion/Cathy than Ludin...  If I get Evil Fire Bracer I guess I'll start bringing her.

Support teams, etc.: My account has Grace/Rio/Lorch, though I don't bring them as I usually use the other account to buff and all the rings are on there.  Mia I don't see too many of, but I have one personal skill ring for her.  Lisa I can bring but people like to see Lucky Strike and I simply do not have a dagger with trigger or the Grinding rings.  BSI, someone said that you needed a 3AR polearm or greatsword for her to be able to debuff... well, you won't see me bring her any time soon unless that's somehow changed during some patch...  Cannons, I finally have Master Claire and Jose, but my Cannons are only Serpents and I don't have rings, so another team I don't bring often (the last time they saw the light of day was at Moon Knight, which was a very smashy experience).

Which leads me to the last team... and why I got two more Incantation rings.  Originally it was just getting one more to give the tank at ToC level 11 Invul during Queen 3rd form, but seeing that there were actually rings available on MM, decided to get the two for tanking.

I get frustrated sometimes when people gather a squad for a raid and then they spend time talking in circles who's going to tank and who's going to WC.  Too many times either of those roles is missing.  I have been WC'ing for quite some time now (ToC, TPs, Montoro), and usually end up doing it cause either nobody else can or wants to.  People should to take more initiative to level wizards with Darkness.  Symbols are cheap now and there are even tradeable Training Cards (e.g., get them from DD hunts) that can be used to spam.  If armors and rings are the issue, those can be loaned.  It would be nice every once in a while to take a break from doing certain roles.

So with that thought in mind....  Time for Ferret to learn a new skill - TANKING!  While I still lack a 2DR shield (feeling like the 92e just isn't going to cut it), I think the problem is more of not finding the time or opportunity or people patient enough help while I train.  Since, ToC for example, people wanna go, and when they go, they just want to rush to bosses and finish the raid in 20 minutes.  Ferret won't be able to learn and doesn't perform well under pressure.  :\

Four months and one week left of 2013... wonder if I will learn to tank.

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