Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hunt for the Missing Black Sock

I made it to 9000 Back Alley Poor favor rate!  *_*
The next 1000 points would take 20 days, I might not be able to do it consecutively, but maybe accomplish this some time in mid-November?

Two other minor things before I spam some cut screencaps...  ^^;

I finally reached Level 1 in Fishing on the Farm.  LOL...

I haven't been paying attention to my TP Neph crystals as I haven't been going to it consistently.
I currently have 247, this would take about 22 days to complete, but again, I don't make it to it often, so might be a end of November completion?  We'll see.  I think I would go for a LOE.

An unplanned project: I got "harassed" about making Artifacts.  :p  So far...

Had to craft both the Bloody Rose and Black Rose to craft the Elite Bloody Rose.

Must keep doing Port Union, Merchant Union, Back Alley Poor for Artifact mats...  (3400 points)

Other rambles, I don't chip things often, as I don't often have gears to chip.
This server seems to like to give me Wildlife...

Not keeping that 100e Fire, was capped just for records.
I'm a bit annoyed about the 100e Ice, I'd rather have something else.
I'm keeping the Evil Ice because I already spent too many chips on it.  Orz

Montoro number I don't know what anymore...  32?

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