Sunday, October 20, 2013


The most exciting part of this week was crafting my second Strata weapon.  *_*
Exactly one month from the Strata Bracelet!

I choose the Bayonet for its uniqueness (even though it's a Rifle now), because Jurgen doesn't drop it anymore and the likelihood of Montoro dropping it is low (he mostly only drops SB manual...)

I will always prefer to be a shooter, but ironically been using magic lately.
*laments over my poor ASOs* boo hoo hoo~  T.T  (inside joke)

For example, at Prison... which we went with eleven people, not because we can't handle it, it was one of those, after Crow and Back Alley runs, an inbetween filler while we waited for more people for ToC, except this day everyone said sure why not.  Overkill.  XD  Yeah, that's me at the top with a magic team.  o.o  (Looks at the team below mine, makes me miss using duo melee!)

And speaking of ToC... every so often I get invited to a five-manned run... of tank/wc/dps/debuff/buffer (no prizes for guessing correctly which role I am :p) which take only fifteen minutes.  :O

I end this post with a screencap of Laurent on the farm.  This was from when he first got his new hair costume.  I mainly just wanted to capture the flowers.  ^.^;

Please note the new Blog Guardian!

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