Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Midnight Snacks, it's what we do!

Here are a few highlights for the past week!

Went on a CT run and on the 12th floor Punisher was rolling, but alas, it was not to be.  Constantin (Kaisse) is without that stance.  :<  The poor guy only has Flintlock and was leveled to Master with Outrage.  ^^;  What can I say, I'm frugal, conserving my vis for other things instead of buying bullets for Flintlock.  In any case, Outrage is better to use for AFK leveling.

Still keeping eye out for last two old cash costumes and the hair for Mifuyu.  Was gifted a fiery weapon costume!  *_*  Except that Isabella (BSI) uses a greatsword instead of polearm, so not likely to see the costume.  Secret!Hidden!Weapon!Costume!  ;3

Crafted another Artifact!  I received help with the Soft Cotton Yarn.  (Thank you!!!)  I've been doing my best to keep up with Durant quests in hopes of getting Artifact materials.  Sometimes I get lazy...  It takes me about three ET buffs with Francois (Ion) and Octavia (Cathy INT) running up and down collecting up mobs and AOE'ing.  Next goal is to reach 100 Royal Insignia.

Attended Fury Sekhmet and got a Magama Storm Ring (Ludin's Efreet skill)!  :o  I've only started to go recently because I happen to be around.  From the sounds of it, the roll rate is low?  It's going to be like Pokemon, gotta catch them all!  (Ferret snatch!)  I have all the Frost rings because they drop in BH Ice Wizard, but I haven't paid attention to my Tempest rings, not really sure where I got them from because I don't go to Lightning Gate (I'm guessing this is where they drop?), plus I'm not a Beatrice user, so I'm not pressed to get them.

Another thing about clan raids, before the server transfer we took pride in keeping the number one rank on the server, but since the transfer, every week the ranking refreshed, and now we only do them when we get a new member who needs them for Family Attribute quests and the occassional member who isn't already Esmero.  Clan raids used to be the only time I really interacted with the clan.  They were short and kinda fun, and it was where I got my Books for Ion quest.  ^^;  (I kind of want to see us finish Curse of Red Sunset Forest, that was one we had difficulty under G1, I'm sure we would have no problem finishing it now.)

Nowadays it's only going to Montoro with clannies.  CT isn't fully clan and neither is ToC.  ToC I tend to have reliable people I ask* and we generally are able to start ASAP without the room having to restart.  (Thank you, timely people!)  Asking in Clan Chat is usually met with a wall of silence.  :<  The clan members for TP runs at night have started to shrink...

Which leads me to the last subject... that I will post next week.  Yeah, I'm pulling American Idol Ryan Seacrest, "The results... when we come back [from commercial break]."  Poor cliff hanger.  This post is getting too long, I figured I would save it for another week.  Or maybe I just want you guys to come back next week.  XD

[*I think I do all right when I try to organize Crow/Back Alley/ToC runs, a few times I did okay with Tigres, but CT takes too many people and I'm just not up for trying to organizing one.  Ferret is not a leader by nature.]

I leave you with pimp!Max, sitting on the couch at the end of Circus.

Why do I suddenly want to see Joey and Max faceoff?

JosephDominic: How many times do I have to tell you to refrain from calling me that name?
Maximilian: I'm sure I can beat pretty boy.  :D*  [grin with sparkle in teeth]
JosephDominic: [...]  I am surrounded by idiots.

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