Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reaching Year End!

There's a Thanksgiving event going on that requires you to kill rabbits for items to trade in for costumes.  It breaks my heart.

I can't... I can't kill him!  T_T

I'll pretend I didn't see him!

Promoted Mifuyu to Expert to Vesp a friend.  I haven't Vesped or Secret Guarded since last October!  Maximilian (Veil) became High Master and Francois (Ion) got to Master 8.  I stopped on Franc for now.  Then I used Leopold (Barrol) who's at Master 9 now and Mifuyu.

Also took some time to reorganize my Quarters.  It's now broken up into a few sections.  First and second quarters are in the order of the characters reaching High Masters.  Third and fourth quarters consist of the various raiding support teams: wc team, tank team, debuff team, buff team, cannon team.  The last three sections are: 1) characters recruited before we transferred and got the new patches; in the order of highest to lowest, 2) characters recruited in 2013 from the new patches; grouped in relation to their stories, and 3) promo characters obtained from Playtime Events; in the order of obtainment.

I'm pretty excited as it looks like this year's year end goal might be reached!  Last year was to get all the characters to Expert and this year is to get all the characters to Master.  I'm down to the last five.  Go, go, go!  p(^.^)q

Still looking for Desperado and Bach costumes to complete the old set.  And really want to finish Capitaine series, but haven't been able to bring myself to spend Feso in the Character Book to get Male Scout set.  Also been keeping eye out for Dragon Shield to complete Dragon weapon set.

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